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digital marketing ways to earn online

Have you ever felt that you are underpaid?

Have you ever felt that you can stop being a slave to your boss?

I know starting your own thing and being your own boss is not that easy.

But what if I tell you “Earning a side income is easy”


It is a long process and only for the people who are consistent.

Digital Marketing can help you achieve your money goals and you can easily earn lots of money through passive income.

Qualities to Become a Digital Marketing Ninja

digital marketer qualities

1. Discipline 

You need to be disciplined if you want to make money online. It is a process of doing every single thing on your own in the beginning.

2. Consistency 

You need to put in consistent efforts. If you fail the first time, get back up and put in more effort the next time. Have the ability to make mistakes and learn from them.

3. Constantly Learning

The digital field keeps on changing every year.

It is very important for a marketer to be updated with the new trends and future technologies that will be used in digital marketing.

1. Start a Blog

start blogging

Pretty basic.

Isn’t it?

Blogging is the only medium with which you can share your passion with millions of people on the internet.

You don’t need to know perfect grammar nor do you need to have great English writing skills.

Just talk to your audience the way you would talk and advise your friends.

Select a niche and start working and doing research using SEMrush (Get a 7 Day FREE trail)

The more relatable your content will be, the more people will start counting you as an authority.

1.1 Domain & Hosting

To start a blog you will require a Domain and Hosting plan

You can either you Bigrock as I do or you can choose Bluehost.

Having a good hosting plan which is reliable is very crucial.

Bluehost has great reviews and is reliable for most people.

If you are just starting out you can buy Bigrock.

1.2 Do Guest Blogging

Backlinks! Have you ever heard of it?

Writing content for websites and then they link back to your website this gives you a backlink.

Let’s say I have a website where I talk about Games and Gaming Products.

There is another website “B” in the gaming niche which has high domain authority.

I write an article for the site “B” which in return links back to my site.

This process creates a backlink for me which benefits my site’s Domain Authority.

Connect with Google Adsense.

Connect your blog with Google Adsense after it is 6-8 months old.

You can earn money by displaying ads on your blog.

To get Approval by Google Adsense make sure you follow all the guidelines.

You can either earn through Cost per Click or Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

2. Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Let’s admit it.

Ranking on the first page of Google is not a piece of cake.

It requires consistent optimization and efforts in your content.

Writing content that is SEO friendly and updating it with time is required.

There are two types of basic SEO

2.1 On-Page SEO

Here is a checklist for on-page SEO.

  1. Include Keywords in your URL slug.
  2. Use small URL’s
  3. Make sure to include keywords in the first 3 letters of your title.
  4. Embed title tag modifiers
  5. Use keywords in the first 100 words of your blog post.
  6. Use Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 tags.
  7. Optimize images
  8. Use External Links
  9. Use Internal Links

2.2 Off-Page SEO

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Guest Blogging – Helps you build quality backlinks.
  3. Forum Listing
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Influencer Outreach

3. Learn Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process of gaining commission by promoting a product or service.

In every niche, there are some affiliate programs that let you promote their product.

This not only helps the seller earn profit and awareness among people but also helps the influencers gain a 10-30% commission.

The seller of the service provides an affiliate link unique to the influencer.

The influencer then writes a blog or promotes the product on his Instagram page.

People start buying from the affiliate link.


The influencer has gained affiliate commission.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn passive income.

4. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social Media has opened a lot of opportunities for influencers and bloggers.

10k Followers on Instagram and 50k Youtube subscribers can get you lakhs of rupees per month.

Wondering how?

4.1 Brand Deals

Brand deals are the answer.

You are a fashion blogger with 20k followers on Instagram

A clothing brand approaches you to promote their product and pays you 10k for 5 posts. Isn’t it amazing?

Once you have a loyal following on Instagram and YouTube, it opens all doors for you to earn money.

4.2 Online Courses

Have a skill and showcase it to the world without any hassle of shipping and delivery!

The only investment here will be the right tools and advertising.

Having an online course can help you earn more than your normal job ever can.

Steps to Create a Profitable Online Course

  1. Make an outline of all the course lectures
  2. Start Recording all courses
  3. Hire an Editor or Edit the videos yourself.
  4. Upload and set up the videos on an LMS platform such as Teachable or Invanto
  5. Set up an Instamojo account to make payments easily available.
  6. Create Social Media handles
  7. Provide free lead magnets and collect their emails.
  8. Run Facebook Ad campaigns
  9. Retarget people who have taken an interest in your product.
  10. Conduct live sessions for people who have bought your product.

4.3 Sell E-Books

This is another form of digital product that you can sell online.

An E-book of 50-100 pages can be of great knowledge for people interested in your niche.

4.3.1 Steps to Create an Ebook

  1. Create your Ebook.
  2. Format Your Ebook.
  3. Get a Cover that Sells Your Ebook.
  4. Convert Your Ebook.
  5. Add Your Ebookto a Website.
  6. Promote Your Ebook.
  7. Keep Track of Your Sales. There’s never been a better time to self-publish and sell ebooks

5. Offer Freelancing Services

freelancing services

Freelancing is not easy at it seems.

Getting your first gig can be a tough job but once you start earning a stable income, you will be easily able to quit your job and earn money online.

To start getting clients you can start at a low rate or help them for free.

Once you have a portfolio to showcase your services and results then you can skyrocket your online journey through freelancing.

Here are some of the websites you can start your freelancing career in

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. People Per Hour
  4. Freelancer

6. Start a Youtube Channel

youtube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is another source of passive income.

I have earned over $1,000 dollars solely by one single video which hit

4 million views.


Yes, this is true. I have been a YouTuber for the past 4 years and you never know which video gets viral and becomes a hit!

That video got me, 20k subscribers, more and now I have reached 56k subscribers in total.

Isn’t it amazing?

Just start sharing your passion on your YouTube Channel.

Create authority and share as much as value possible to your audience.

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