How to grow your Youtube Channel and Start Earning Money


In today’s world, video content is growing at a fast speed.

The attention span of a human is decreasing day by day.

Gaining someone’s attention can be a difficult task.

In such a competitive world, growing your Youtube channel can seem to be a difficult task.

Youtube is the second Highest Search Engine in the world has over millions and billions of new users every single day.

Having a youtube channel for your business or your brand gives you authority and social awareness.

Every single niche on Youtube has an amount of audience that has an interest in that particular niche.

In India, after JIO was launched more than half of India is now on Youtube making Hindi content and are earning money like crazy!

With that being said, I believe if you own a business or if you want to share your knowledge, life, and experiences with people like you then this is the perfect platform for you to showcase it.

I too started my journey not knowing how to get views or subscribers, just pure passion to share my knowledge.

The first thing you need to do before starting a Youtube Channel is the GOAL of your Channel.

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Here is a small Exercise that you need to answer :

1. Why am I starting this channel?

Mention the reason for which you are starting a Youtube channel. What do you want to spread knowledge about and what do you want to learn from this process.

Keep the answer short but know what you want to provide through your videos.

2. Who is my Target Audience?

Who is going to watch your videos? What age group do they lie in? What are their interests?

Know and study the people who will watch your videos. After that, you can easily create videos knowing their behaviors. For Eg. I make Craft videos which most kids love to learn.

3. How can I make it Easy for my Audience?

No matter what niche you have selected make sure it is easy for your audience to understand your videos. High-Quality Videos aren’t important at the start, just making good and interesting content can get you your target audience.

4. How will this channel help me?

In this process of growing your Youtube Channel, be honest with yourself. Follow what you have practiced and always keep learning and growing.

Here are 10 Ninja Tips to help you grow which I have applied and tested on my Youtube channel.

1. Select a Niche / Passion


Selecting a niche is the most important task.

Your channel is able to describe everything about that niche.

#3 Ingredients for Selecting a niche

  • Passion
  • Skill
  • Experience


If you have all of these 3 ingredients then you should go ahead with that particular topic.

Give as much as time you need to give to niche selection as it will depend on various other factors too. Some of them are the demand in the market and what is the future of it.

2. Select a Catchy Name


Name is something that defines your content. This name becomes a brand as you grow in your field.

Some tips to choose a catchy name are:

  • Keep it Short.
  • Keep it Easy.
  • Relate it to a purpose or a meaning.
  • Don’t include numbers. (Makes it difficult to remember)

3. Learn Basic Editing


After you start making videos, you will require software or an application to edit your videos.

Editing checklist includes:

  • Add an Intro and Outro
  • Make sure to add a logo and slogan at the beginning.
  • Add a (watermark) on your video.
  • Telling your subscribers to hit the bell icon.
  • Please add slow background music. (Royalty Free Music)
  • Make sure to cut scenes which are not required.
  • Adjusting the brightness of the video.

Editing Tools:

4. Use Phone for Editing Videos


Use basic equipment in the beginning. Only invest money once you start getting revenue.

When I started making Youtube video tutorials, I didn’t have a camera or a professional phone.

Recorded with a normal phone and if you don’t have a stand just use a selfie stick upside down and you are good to go.

Even after 56,000 subscribers I still use my phone camera and a selfie stick. The content matters the most.

Good informative content attracts the audience automatically.


5. Love what you do 


Put love and effort into the videos and you will get love back from your subscribers.

What you give you get the same in return.

Reply to comments of your subscribers.

Organize Giveaways: This helps you get subscribers, likes and increase comments.


6. Be Consistent


Failures will hit you hard but consistency will lead you to success.

I have had times when I didn’t even get enough views and it is pretty frustrating for me.

In such time never lose your consistency as it helps you come out stronger and experienced from this situation.


7. Interact with Subscribers


Communicate! Interact with your subscribers.

A quick trick is to ask a question at the end of every video.

This gets your subscribers to comment first to give the answer.

Start conversations in the comments section.


8. Be Patient


Don’t get irritated when views don’t roll in.

Believe in yourself and continue the hard work even when your video gets less number of views.

The channel that reached 1 million didn’t reach get those followers in 1 month or 1 day. It takes years of efforts to produce good quality content.


9.  Help And Collaborate


Collaborate with people in your niche.

People with the same or a similar number of subscribers in your genre will help you get known to their subscribers and you can do the same for them.

Shoutout! Instagram shoutout can help you grow your channel as well.


10. Use Essential Keywords


Use Keywords in your description.

Write a description of about 500-900 words.

Add up the playlists link into your description to make it easy for your subscribers to find you.

Keywords: Use TubeBuddy tool for finding relevant keywords.

Title: Add keywords in the first 2-3 words of your title.

Use the youtube search box to see what people are actually searching for and then add those words in your description and title.

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