Ultimate guide to select a profitable niche in 2020

OMG! Congratulations! You have finally decided to start a blog.

But wait…you are confused about which niche to select?

You are among 1 million other people who have decided to start a blog.

You want to be unique among the crowd and select a niche for blogging.

You want to start earning money from this blog as a side income.

Don’t be any random person who will just start one blog then leave it and then start another blog in another niche.

When we are just starting, it’s obvious to be enthusiastic but eventually, the enthusiasm fades away so what lasts is INTEREST + SKILL + MOTIVATION in that particular niche.

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1. Why is it Important to select a Profitable Niche?

Once you decide to start a blog the first question that comes to your mind is

Will I be paid for writing articles?

It is very important to select a niche that can pay you in return.

Earning side income through blogging is very important,

It motivates you to write more and more.

Top niche which never fail to get you income are:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Product Reviews
  • Parenting
  • Finance

2. Why is it Important to select a Niche you have Experience and Skills in?

The Internet is crazy as well as amazing, it can make you popular in a second and bring you down as well.

You should only consider blogging in a niche in which you have a good experience.

Your certifications, degree, skills build an authority amongst the readers.

You should have practical knowledge of the niche that you select.

For eg. I have a Youtube Channel with over 56,000 subscribers which have given me knowledge and experience about how to rank on youtube, how to get the keywords correct, how to make money through youtube etc.

Achievements that you attain in a niche proves authority and trust in your followers.

3. Why is it Important to select a Niche you are Passionate about?

Passion gets you to places you have never imagined.

Every great business is born out of a passion for something.

I started my Youtube Channel not to earn money but for teaching craft through videos.

Never thought I would attain such respect from my family, friends and that is what made me happy.

The money that you get is the byproduct of the efforts that you put in.

Being passionate about a particular niche plus having skills and experience can take your blog to the next level.

After answering the 3 questions, implement the test various things in that particular niche.

Testing helps you know what your audience likes.

If you have a Finance blog, spread the knowledge about Investing money and

Provide Methods, guides, tutorials around that topic.

Check your Google Analytics daily to see what is working and what is not.

Select a Micro-Niche

1. What is a micro-niche?

A micro-niche is the child niche of a parent niche.

Got confused?

Let me explain it to you with some Examples:

Now I guess you will have a basic idea about selecting a micro-niche.

Micro niches are infinite, it all depends on your interest and passion.

2. Why micro-niche work more than a general topic?

Now the big question comes as to why not a general topic when you can get more attraction by writing on a Niche rather than a micro-niche?

  • Clarity:

Selecting a micro-niche will give you clarity.

Clarity on the topics that you want to write in your blog.

  • Become an Expert :

You can become an expert in that niche and master that micro-niche.

There is a norm that selecting a particular field and excelling in it gets you more money than providing everything to the consumer.

People trust Experts, starting a micro-niche blog such as product reviews for skincare products only will get you all the readers as well as customers.

  • Get Visible faster:

Having a micro-niche blog gets visibility faster. People recognize you as an expert in your niche and hence the first name that comes to their mind is yours.

It’s simple,

When it’s a noodle brand you think of Maggie.

When it’s a toothpaste brand you think of Colgate.

Similarly, when it comes to micro-niche blogging you can be a brand in a micro-niche.

3. Is micro-niche profitable?

Not trying to be diplomatic but this depends on niche to niche.

Micro-niche is great when it comes to Technology, Fashion, Education.

The money can vary in every niche depending upon its demand.

One thing that I know for sure is if you keep blogging and excelling consistently in that niche, money will come to you.

Don’t worry about the money in the beginning just put in consistent blogs in your micro-niche and you will get the eyeballs on you.

Short Summary :

Answer the 3 Questions before selecting a Niche

Why is it Important to select a Profitable Niche ?

Why is it Important to select a Niche you have Experience and Skills in?

Why is it Important to select a Niche you are Passionate about?

Selecting a Micro-Niche instead of a General Topic

What is a micro niche ?

Why micro niche work more than a general topic?

Is micro niche profitable?

Choosing a blogging niche can be a difficult task at first, but if you follow the steps that I tell you then it will make the process a lot easier.

Blogging Niche should be selected wisely and with a lot of analysis. Thank You for Reading, comment below if you have any Queries or email me at info@digitalarwa.com

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